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Client or Customer

A thorough discussion of "buyer representation" follows. It is important to understand the differences between being treated as a customer and being a client.

An agent working with a buyer, but not representing that buyer, has a "customer." He shows the buyer/customer homes until the buyer makes a purchase decision, then completes a fill-in-the-blanks contract. Upon contract acceptance, the agent provides coordination on any and all matters until closing. Throughout this entire process, the agent owes the customer fair and honest treatment and is a provider of factual information, but is precluded by law from giving opinions which are based on judgment.

An agent representing a buyer has a "client." In doing the above tasks for his client, the agentís work efforts are interlaced with suggestions and actions that are based on the application of his judgment. While there is no limit to what an agent representing his client may legally do for that client, the following list consists of those tasks that are typical of the things an agent does in the representation of his client, all of which go above and beyond the treatment afforded a customer as described above. 

Buyer Representation:

  • Agent has a fiduciary relationship with his buyer/client.

  • Agent must be and remain loyal to his client.

  • Agent must express and represent the viewpoint of his client.

  • Must always act in the best interest of his client.

  • Must protect the interest of his client.

  • Must point out any mistakes his client is making or contemplating.

  • Addresses concerns of his client and speaks for his client.

  • Acts for his client as instructed.

  • Advises on location of home choices.

  • Advises on reputation of builders.

  • Advises on construction materials used.

  • Provides information on investment history.

  • Determines the fair market value of the selected property.

  • Explains the language and fine print in a real estate contract.

  • Suggests appropriate special stipulations for the contract.

  • Seeks the most favorable price and terms for his client.

  • Inspects work in process to observe manner in which remaining work or special stipulations are being implemented.

  • Anticipates problems and seeks to avoid them.

  • Suggests lender alternatives and may assist in selecting lender.

  • May get closing cost concessions (reductions) from lender.

  • May evaluate and advise on various loan programs for his client.

  • Advises client about PMI and how to avoid it.

  • Advises client about up-front vs. financed PMI.

  • Advises client about how to end PMI payments.

  • Advises client on the selection of home inspector.

  • Attends home inspection so as to better understand its findings.

  • Suggests contract amendment based on inspection results.

  • Advises client throughout inspection amendment negotiation.

  • Advises client about cost and need for final survey.

  • Advises client on title examination.

  • Advises client if there are unforeseen clouds on the title.

  • Advises client about "owner's title insurance."

  • Advises client on the selection of the closing attorney.

  • Attends final walkthrough and advises client on needed improvements.

  • Inspects HUD-1 closing statement, looking for overcharges.

  • Advises client when it is time to file for homestead tax exemption.

  • Applies leverage after closing if unfulfilled contract conditions remain.

The extra services afforded to a client/buyer cost the buyer nothing, as it is the real estate commission paid by the seller that compensates the selling agent for his efforts. However, for an agent to invest the effort described above, the agent must have a reasonable expectation that his client will actually purchase a house from him and not from any other agent. Therefore, it is required by Georgia real estate law that the exclusive representation agreement be put in writing. The buyer must stipulate that he/she will work with the named agent on an exclusive basis.

I may have left a few things out from the above list, but I think my list is very representative of buyer representation activities. Realize that there is no limit to what I can do -- just as long as it is legal and appropriate. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was Fayette County's leading advocate of buyer representation. I practiced it as my preferred method of working with buyers long before it became sanctioned in 1994 by changes to the Georgia real estate laws.

Ken and Donna Parker







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